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We love being owned and operated right here in Bullhead City, Arizona.

Our local office is located in the heart of Bullhead City, Arizona and operated by local employees.  When you give us a call to set up service or have questions about your current service you can be assured it’s being answered by somone that’s local and understands our area.

Phone Service

Now offering phone service for residential or business needs. Available now.

Internet Service

We offer internet service plans in more places than ever before.

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Check out our new streaming TV services available now.


We’re a leader in  wireless interent technology

Fixed Wireless internet is one of the fastest-growing internet service options in America. Using stationary wireless access points to beam connectivity directly into consumer households, a Fixed Wireless connection forgoes the need for any physical wiring in favor of a completely wireless setup. Serving speeds ranging anywhere between 3 to 1000 Mbps, Fixed Wireless is reliable, efficient, and widely available. As you’d expect with all types of internet service packages, Fixed Wireless plans and coverage vary from provider to provider. As of 2020, Fixed Wireless boasts a nationwide coverage of approximately 51%. While this internet type already covers half the U.S. population, many providers are striving to expand their networks and cast a larger coverage net across the country.

Availability in rural areas

No phone line necessary

Low latency

High or unlimited Data allowance

Low-cost business services

More options


Phone & Internet services now available for Residential & Commercial



20 Megs

Let's Get You Hooked Up

A download speed of 20 megabits per second (mbps) is fast enough to handle most online activities, including streaming video and music, browsing the web, and gaming.

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35 Megs

Let's Get You Hooked Up

A download speed of 35 Mbps is considered to be high-speed internet. With this speed, you should be able to download large files quickly, stream high-definition videos without buffering, and play online games without any lag.

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50 Megs

Let's Get You Hooked Up

With a download speed of 50 mbps, you should be able to download a 1 GB file in about 8 minutes, assuming you have a good connection and no other devices are using your internet at the same time.

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100 Megs

Let's Get You Hooked Up

With a 100 Mbps connection, you can download a 1 gigabyte (GB) file in about 8 seconds. This speed is ideal for households with multiple devices and heavy internet users, such as people who work from home or frequently stream high-definition video.

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VOIP Phone Service

YES!  You can keep your phone number

 Voip Phones Voice Over Internet Protocol. Plans starting at $21.99 a month

(NEW) Streaming TV

Explore and sign up for a wide range of over 100+ paid and free streaming services that match your interest! There are so many option out there, we make it easy to find the best services and deals for you in our Streaming Marketplace


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We support our community because we love our community.

Over the last few years we have been honored to be able to support local non-profit organizations and also local fire departments. We thank all our our great customers for making this possible. With you we can all prosper in a stronger and more connected community.


From towers to tops of buildings. We’ve got an amazing team

Our latest expansion of the Tristate Wi-Fi network is currently underway. When you see our cranes and team members on the top of network towers know that we are taking steps each day to increase availability and speeds to our network.


Projects Completed


Projects in the works


You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers

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We value your feedback. As a locally owned and operated telecom company, your feedback is crucial for us to keep you connected. Every comment, review, phone call, and message is very important to us, and we make decisions based off your feedback so that we are always improving ways to service our community.

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